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Tent - canopy 10x10                                                                       150.00


Tent - canopy 10x10 EZ-Up w/ sidewalls                                       100.00


Tent - canopy 10x20                                                                       225.00


Tent - canopy 20x20                                                                       275.00


Tent sidewalls window, door, solid                                                  20.00


Tent - kitchen 10x15                                                                      150.00


Tent - canopy hexagon 1,040 sq. ft                                                700.00


Tent - window sidewall 20'                                                              20.00


Tent - blue and yellow 15x20                                                         265.00


Tent - white 14x27                                                                         275.00


Walls f/ pavilion                                                                                75.00

CAD drawing Tent-rental Tents for rental Tents

If you're planning an outdoor event, you'll want to rent a tent to provide protection against the rain and intense Colorado sun. From small to large custom events, Crested Butte Rental Center can provide you with the perfect tent. Our tents are set up and taken down by our team of experienced professionals. Contact us now to get started!

  • Tents of all shapes and sizes

  • Tents for large custom events

  • Tents for small custom events

Choose from a large selection of tent styles to bring your dream event to life!

You don't want to worry about setting up the tent for you event - you have other things on your mind! We'll work with you to set up the tent and ensure your event goes as smoothly as possible.

Give us a call with any inquiries


Wide variety of tent styles

Hassle-free tent rental services

We gladly provide you with a detailed CAD drawing showing tent configuration, table and dance floor layout. This ensures that everything fits and there's no last minute surprises! And the first 2 are free!

Detailed CAD drawings are available